Hipnosis Regresiones a Vidas Pasadas

Mesa, Aurelio Mejia

ISBN 10: 9589565557
ISBN 13: 9789589565551
Publisher: Ditel (Divulgacion Tecnica Electronica)
Publication Date: 1997
Binding: Hardcover
About this title:
Hipnosis Regresiones a Vidas Pasadas, todo lo que usted ha querido saber. Is a book in spanish, divided in two main sections; one About Hipnosis and Regressions to past lives. And one called Gotas del Alma, which are lectures designed for personal advancement, and improvement. The general themes discussed are as follows: 1) A little history (Hypnosis history)(2) Resurrection and Re-incarnation (3) The power of the Mind. (4) God, Angels, and Spirits (5) Obsessions and possessions (6) Procedures to Hipnotize (7) regression Techniques (8) Sanation Therapy (9) Religious Fundaments (10) Scientific Fundaments.

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