Dinner Dates: A Cookbook for Couples Cooking Together

Avon Books; Martha Cotton




Avon Books

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Getting tired of the local restaurant scene, not to mention the expense of eating out? Here's the ideal recipe for satisfying your appetites - a cookbook that helps couples create tantalizing, romantic meals together. DINNER DATES features a series of delicious and elegant, yet simple menus that take two people step by step through the preparation of wonderful five-course meals, from shopping and equipping the kitchen to dividing up the tasks required for assembling the menu. Accessible to any level of culinary expertise, the directions for each recipe are shared by "Chef Uno" and "Chef Due" and are choreographed so that cooking is a pleasurable joint undertaking as creative and fun as the dining experience itself. From mouth-watering pastas and succulent seafood to picnics and paella, here is a wide array of menus to please a variety of taste buds - two by two.

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Other editions: Hardcover - 1998, Hardcover - 1998, Hardcover - 1998, Hardcover - 1997, Softcover - 1997, Softcover - 1997, Hardcover - 1997, Hardcover - 1997, Hardcover - 1997, Softcover - 1997

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