How to Bag the Biggest Buck of Your Life

Larry Benoit; Peter Miller




Lyons Pr

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With a new introduction by Lamar Underwood, former editor of Sports Afield. "This is a simple, plain-talking, commonsense, and no-nonsense book on hunting the Whitetail," begins HOW TO BAG THE BIGGEST BUCK OF YOUR LIFE. It's the book that started instructional hunting literature as we know it, and it's in print again. Larry Benoit had spent decades tracking and taking deer in the mountains of northern Vermont before he set down the first word about hunting, and the result was an instant classic. He is a tracker in the old sense of the word, a smart hunter who works hard for his trophies. He doesn't sit on stumps, waiting for a deer to wander by, and he doesn't cruise back roads in a car: He hunts. In HOW TO BAG THE BIGGEST BUCK OF YOUR LIFE, he shows how. Chapters include getting fit for the chase, learning to read tracks, advice on clothing and equipment, how to handle a rifle, and how to field dress and butcher your buck. Interspersed are anecdotes from his long career, including the saga of a 13-day pursuit of a savvy, 230-pound buck with 25-inch antlers. It's a book for the hunter just learning to love the woods, and it's a book for the old hand who wants to spend some time with one of the most experienced hunters ever to walk the northern forests. It's one of the gems of hunting literature.

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Other editions: Softcover - 2006

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