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We have been selling to BOOK & Collectibles BUYERS Worldwide Since 1977 - buy at OUR sites with security and confidence! Visit us today If the book you want is not yet listed at our ABEBOOKS site, email us at: mickeyk@inbox.com, and we will list it here so you can purchase it for you from our dealer network. -- NOTE - IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PAYPAL USERS! To use PAYPAL, use this caller ID ONLY --- micela77@gmail.com --- UPDATED TWICE DAILY>>>>>! *** We try to charge for shipping according to OUR cost and the newer POST OFFICE regulations. International PRIORITY Shipping for oversize books will cost $65.00 & UPS boxed, which INCLUDES insurance up to $50.00, in case of loss or damage. PLEASE be aware of this IF you are ordering a book that does NOT fit into Priority 8-1/2 x 11" envelope! We will ask for additional $$ when this occurs.*** DOMESTIC Priority Mail BOXED for OVERSIZE or HEAVYWEIGHT books will cost $15.95 - $17.95; if it fits into the regular PRIORITY ENVELOPE, the cost is adjusted accordingly. This includes the P.O. new FREE INSURANCE up to $50.00 for PRIORITY MAIL! *** Postage costs change according to the size & weight of your purchase; sellers have the OPTION to REQUEST additional postage charges, so please do understand--- NOTICE: The U.S. Post OFfice is CONSTANTLY raising their prices higher and higher which we must pass on to the buyer - reluctantly!* They did a GOOD thing -- ALL MAIL SENT DOMESTICALLY CONTAINS A TRACKING CODE (AT NO EXTRA CHARGE)!! Mickey K. Booksr4u - Collectibles-Unlimited.com Email: mickeyk@inbox.com ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ********* Please read our DETAILS section re SHIPPING CHARGES and the need for Insurance. YOu will NOT be covered for Loss or Damage, unless you have purchased our private insurance for only $1.75 for COVERAGE up to $100.00 for DOMESTIC Media Mail ORDERS ONLY!****** This is much less than Post Office Insurance charges, and you'll get reimbursed much faster! Any questions on Insurance, please email us at: mickeyk@inbox.com ********** NOTE: We have changed our MAILING ADDRESS, to P.O. Box 90052, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87199 USA, so please email us when you need to write us or facilitate a RETURN. DO NOT send to any previous address listed. 7-2015

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Fiction - NEW or Gently Read REDUCED!

Fiction - always a special - many of the CURRENT issues at GREATLY reduced pricing -- usually lower than an E-BOOK! Mostly HARDCOVER w/BOOK JACKET - NEW CONDITION!
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Figurines, Books, Plates

We have HUNDREDS of categories covering just about EVERYTHING you want in Teacher's books, including TEXTBOOKS .All now at CLOSE-OUT pricing.**** Our DOLL BOOKS present an EXTENSIVE selection for you to choose from & we we update regularly as this is OUR favorite! You'll find new and vintage titles, patterns, out of print doll volumes doll-making, PRICE GUIDES -almost 500 to choose from here! Secondary Market CHERISHED TEDDIES figurines by Priscilla Hillman - early marks and many other COLLECTIBLES items - at close-out pricing!
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1950's: Stories, Fashion, Decorating, Furniture 1960's: Stories, FASHION, Lifestyle, Happenings 1970's 1980s:Stories, Fashion, Trends, Lifestyle,
Addictions: Alcohol, Food, Drugs, Sex, Love, Etc ADOPTION ADVERTISING: Collecting, Collectibles, Memorabilia
Advertising: Promotion, Campaigns, How To AFRICA: Customs, Fabrics, People, Music ALL! African American: All Titles, All Subjects
AGING: Seniors, Retirement, Health, 40 Books AGING: Seniors, Retirement, Health, Etc Alternative Lifestyles: Gay, Lesbian, Etc.
America: Americana, USA, History, Etc ANATOMY: Textbooks, Artwork, Etc. ANIMALS Domestic & Wildlife
Animals, Wildlife, Pets, Horses, Mammals ANIMALS: Cats, Dogs, Domestic animals ANIMALS: Farm, Pigs, Collectibles, Books
Antiques & Collectibles PRICE GUIDES ANTIQUES: Collections, Vintage, Auctions Archaeology: Antiquities, Textbooks, Art
Architecture: Houses, Buildings, Plans, Etc Art Art Juvenile: Teacher's Books, Manuals, Teaching
ART at MUSEUMS, Exhibits, Books, AUCTIONS ART at MUSEUMS, Exhibits, SCULPTURE, Auctions ART COLLECTIONS: Private, Auctions,
ART DECO, ART NOUVEAU Art Deco, Art Nouveau Era Art, Artists, Illustrators, How To
Art, Artists, Painting, Illustrators, Artwork ART: Color, Patterns, Design, Charts ART: Directory, Reference Books, Catalogs
ART: Pop Art, ANDY WARHOL, POP Culture ART: Price Guides, Dictionary, Artists Art: Teaching, How To Books
Artists: Greg Perillo (Native American art) ARTISTS: NORMAN ROCKWELL (plates, Books, figures) ARTISTS: Andrew Wyeth, Wyeth Family
Artists: CURRIER & IVES Artists: Fred Stone (Equestrian artist) ARTISTS: Georgia O'Keeffe
Artists: Gustav KLIMT Artists: Maxfield Parrish ARTISTS: NORMAN ROCKWELL (plates, Books, figures)
Artists: Rolf ELVGREN Artists: T. De Grazia (Indian,Western Art, etc) Artists: Western Artists., I.e., Remington
Artists: WYETH ARTS & CRAFTS ARTS & CRAFTS: Pattern Books
Asian: Korea, Japan, China, EASTERN Asian: Korea, Japan, China, S.E. Associations: Organizations, Groups, Masons, Etc
Astronomy: Space, COSMOLOGY, Textbooks AUCTION CATALOGS Auction Catalogs
Auction Catalogs: Christie's, Sotheby's, & MORE! AUCTIONS: Ebay & others, How to Books, Sales AUTHORS: Books About
Autobiography, Memoirs, Biography AUTOGRAPHED Copy: Inscription, Salutation, Etc. AUTOGRAPHS, Documents, Signatures
AUTOGRAPHS: Books About AUTOGRAPHS: Books About, Autographed Books AUTOMOBILES: Manuals, Tune Up Guides, Repair
AUTOMOBILIA: Cars, Books About, Styles AUTOMOBILIA: Cars, Styles, RV's, Vehicles Aviation, Piloting, Airplanes
BARBIE DOLL BOOKS Barbie Dolls, Costumes, Books, Plates BASICS: Back to Nature, Camping, Supplies, Etc
BASKETS: BASKETRY. Longaberger, Weaving Beads, Beadwork, Bead Making BEAR Collectibles, Bear Making, Figurines
BEAR Collectibles, Bear Making, Figurines bears collectibles Bears, Teddy Bears, Sculpted Bears
BEARS: Minis, Stuffed, Price Guides, Patterns BIOLOGY, Microbiology, Life Sciences, Textbooks Black Americana, Memorabilia, Dolls, Collectibles
Books about BOOKS Books About Books, Publishing, Self Publish BOOKS: : Collecting, Price Guides
BOTTLES: Jars, Flasks, Dairy, Etc Boxes: Making, Collecting, Displaying, Pricing Breweriana, Wine,Beer, Collections, Labels, Steins
British All Things British! Business: ENTREPENEURS, Start Ups, Financing BUTTONS
Canes, Walking Sticks Carpets, Rugs, Oriental, Chinese, Tribal, all! CELEBRITIES: ALL
CELEBRITIES: TV, FILM, STAGE,MEDIA ceramics Ceramics Pottery, Porcelain, Collectibles
Ceramics Pottery, Porcelain, Collectibles Ceramics, China, Pottery, Porcelain, Stoneware Ceramics, China, Pottery, Stoneware
CERAMICS/Pottery: Franciscan Ware CERAMICS: Majolica CERAMICS: Royal Doulton
CHARACTERS: Comic, Licensed CHEMISTRY: Textbooks CHEMISTRY: Textbooks, Non Fiction
CHILDREN All Ages Books & Tapes CHILDREN All Ages:Books, Tapes, DVD, Video Children, Families, Parenting, Pregnancy, Teaching
CHILDREN: Health, Medical, Psychological CHILDREN: SCIENCE, MATH, READING, LITERATURE CHILDREN: Teaching Books, Videos, Cassettes
CHILDREN: Summer Vacation Catch Up Activity Books CHINA: History, Geography, Novels, Non Fiction CHRIPRACTOR, practice, anatomy, bones
CHRISTMAS: Crafts, Food, Collectibles, Books CITIES: N.Y: Life, Living, History, Etc CLASSICS
Clocks Watches Wristwatches Barometers Coins, Stamps, Philately, Numismatics COLLECTIBLES
Collectibles all kinds (NEW!) Collectibles Figurines Plates Misc Collectibles Figurines Plates Misc
collectibles household COLLECTIBLES: Bing & Grondahl, Royal Copenhagen Collectibles: FIGURINES (Glass, Ceramic, Porcelai
Collectibles: HUMMEL, Goebel Figurines Etc Collectibles: PRICE GUIDES Comedians, Jokes, Funny Sayings,
Comics, Strips, Books, Cartoons, Collectibles Computer GAMES COOKBOOKS
COOKBOOKS INTERNATIONAL: Italian, Asian, French COOKBOOKS INTERNATIONAL: Italian, Asian, French COOKBOOKS: Quick & Easy, Fast, Minutes
COOKBOOKS: Brand Name Foods COOKBOOKS: Collectible COOKBOOKS: Desserts, Snacks, Sweets, Cookies
COOKBOOKS: Entertaining, Celebrities, Famous Name Cookbooks: International, Regional, Ethnic Cookbooks: Restaurants, Organizations, Groups
Countries: AUSTRALIA, New Zealand COUNTRIES: CANADA, Canadian, People, Etc COUNTRIES: Europe: People, Customs, Places, MORE!
COUNTRY: Store, Furniture,Designs, Crafts, Music, CRAFTS Miscellaneous Crime, Fiction, Non Fiction, Mystery
CRYSTALS, Stones, Beads, Spiritual DANCE: Ballet, Modern, Kids, Adults DECORATIVE ARTS: Home, Design, Interiors
DESIGNERS: Furniture, Jewelry, Clothes, Etc. DIETS:Weight Loss, Menus, Recipes, Programs DISASTERS: 9/11, Earthquakes, Storms, Terrorism
Disney: Movies, Books, Dolls, Figures, Etc. Doll Books International Doll FASHIONS Accessories, Patterns, Garments
Doll FASHIONS Accessories, Patterns, Garments DOLLMAKING Dolls
DOLLS all kinds of books Dolls Dollmaking Dolls All Books: Doll Making,Fashions,Designer
DOLLS: (Not books) Actual Dolls, Boxed! Dolls: ALL Kinds of DOLL BOOKS Dolls: GENEŽ
DOLLS: Ginny Dressmaking: Children, Adults, Dolls DRUGS: Non Fiction, Pharmacology, Psychedelic, Etc
Earth Changes: Earthquake, Volcano, Warming Egyptian, Egypt, Pyramids, Customs, History Electronics, Engineering, Technical Books
ELVIS Memorabilia, Collectibles, Life, Death Enamels, Enamelware, Graniteware ENGINEERING: Mechanical, Civil, Electrical
ENGLISH: Grammar, Language, Textbook, Writing Ephemera, Paper, Postcards, Posters, Maps, Cards, EPHERMERA, POSTERS, CARDS, PAPER
EPHERMERA: Auction Catalogs on Subject ERAS: 1900s to 2001 Collecting, History, Events ERAS: 1960s 1980 s
Ethnicity FAMILY: Families, Relationships, Parenting, FARM: Implements, Collectibles, Equipment Etc.
Fashion & Design, Designers Fashion: Design, Accessories, Textiles, HATS, Etc FASHION: Lingerie, Underwear,
Fiction FICTION: Books,Novels, Audio Cassettes, CD, DVD, FICTION: Clive Cussler
FICTION: Historical FICTION: JAMES PATTERSON, Richard North Patterson Fiction: JANET EVANOVICH
FICTION: Jodi Picouit Fiction: Novels, Adventure, Books & CD's Fiction: Novels, Adventure, Books Only
FICTION: Stephen KING FICTION: Sue Grafton FICTION: W.E.B. Griffin
Financial: Taxes, Stocks, Investing, Personal Fire, Police, Emergency Care, EMT Firearms, Guns, Rifles, Weapons
Flea Markets, Garage Sales, Swap Meets FOOD: Eating Disorders, Health, Problems, Medical FOOD: VEGETARIAN, Fruits, Vegetables
Food: Cuisine, Restaurants, Markets, History Food: Cuisine, Restaurants, Markets, History FOOD: Genetic Engineering (GE)
FOOD: Health, Children, Illness, All Food Subjects FOOD: Supplements, Additives, Health, Dangers furniture
Furniture, Furnishings, Decorative, Design Furniture, Furnishings, Decorative, Design, Making Furniture: Construction, Restoration, DESIGN
FUTURE: Exploring, Predictions, Textbooks Gambling, Las Vegas, Betting, Cardgames, Slots GAMBLING: How To, Games, Vegas, Collectibles
GAMES: Chess, Bridge, Board, Cards GAMES: Computer, CD, Software, Cards GAMES: Puzzles, Crossword, Mazes
GARDEN: Worldwide, Artists, Reknowned Gardening: House Plants, Herbs, Growing, ALL Gemstones, CRYSTALS, Minerals
Genetics: Genome, Genes, Germany: Wartime, Novels, About, Hitler, Spy Etc glass collectibles
Glass Collectibles: DEPRESSION, Carnival Glass Collectibles: FOSTORIA Glass, Glassware, Glassmakers
Glassware Government: CIA, FBI, Non Fiction Government: CIA, FBI, Non Fiction
Government: Programs, About, Studies, Criticism Handbags, Purses, Accessories Handbags, Purses, Cases, Boxes
HANDWRITING: GRAPHOLOGY, Autographs, Writings HATS:Caps, Millinery, Making, Art, PINS HEAT TRANSFER: Convection, Exchangers
History, Historical, Documents, Books, Memorabilia HOBBIES: Crafts, Collecting, How To Manuals, Etc HOLLYWOOD: Movies, Cinema, Theatres, People
Home Styles: RUSTIC, COUNTRY Home: Decorating, Rooms, Design, Arts Homes :Plans,Bulding, Improvement, SOLAR
HORSES: Equestrian, Health, Riding, All Household Interior Design Linens Decorative HOUSEHOLD: Exterior Design, Outdoor Projects

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