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Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Gillian James Books

Nottingham, United Kingdom


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Tel: 44 931 2677

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About Gillian James Books

Gillian James Books internet Bookseller for over 10 years. Specialising in antique, vintage & modern children's second-hand books. For further information go to http://gillian-james-books.weebly.com or call 0115 931 2677.

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Animal Novels & Stories Annuals Annuals:: Action & Super Hero
Annuals:: Antique Annuals:: Beano, Dandy, Topper et al Annuals:: Blackie and Picture Book
Annuals:: Bunty, Judy, Mandy et al Annuals:: Eagle, Victor, Warlord et al Annuals:: Film, Radio & TV Related
Annuals:: Football, Sport & Leisure Annuals:: Jackie & Teen Annuals Annuals:: Knowledge
Annuals:: Music Annuals:: Rupert Annuals:: Tiny Tots
Annuals:: Westerns & Cowboy Antique Decorative Cover Books Arabesque
Audio Books Boo!!! Brownies, Cubs, Guides & Scouts Novels & Stories
Career Girls Circus Novels Classics
Classics:: King Arthur Classics:: Robin Hood Drama
Enid Blyton Enid Blyton:: Adventure Enid Blyton:: Animal and Nature
Enid Blyton:: Circus Enid Blyton:: Fairy and Magic Enid Blyton:: Family and Farms
Enid Blyton:: Mystery Enid Blyton:: Noddy Enid Blyton:: Religious
Enid Blyton:: School Enid Blyton:: Secret Enid Blyton:: Story Books
Enid Blyton:: The Adventurous Four Enid Blyton:: The Famous Five Enid Blyton:: The Misters
Enid Blyton:: The Secret Seven Enid Blyton:: Toys Fables, Fairy Stories & Legends
Fables, Fairy Stories & Legends:: British Fables, Fairy Stories & Legends:: Fables Fables, Fairy Stories & Legends:: Fairy & Folk
Fables, Fairy Stories & Legends:: Legends Fables, Fairy Stories & Legends:: Myths Friend and Family Stories
Historical Novels & Stories Jokes, Fun & Puzzles Ladybird
Ladybird:: 401 A J MacGregor Ladybird:: 413 Nursery Ladybird:: 455 Uncle Mac
Ladybird:: 497 Animals Ladybird:: 522 Religion Ladybird:: 536 Nature
Ladybird:: 549 Robin Hood Ladybird:: 561 History Ladybird:: 563 Early Learning
Ladybird:: 584 Transport Ladybird:: 587 Flight Ladybird:: 601 The Story of
Ladybird:: 606a New Testament Ladybird:: 606b Jobs Ladybird:: 606d Well Loved Tales
Ladybird:: 606g Europe Ladybird:: 612 Prayers and Songs Ladybird:: 621 Science
Ladybird:: 622 Sounds and Pictures Ladybird:: 633 Hobbies Ladybird:: 634 Learnabout
Ladybird:: 641 Key Words Ladybird:: 642 Picture Dictionaries Ladybird:: 651 Plant & Animal Science
Ladybird:: 654 How it Works Ladybird:: 661 Words for Numbers Ladybird:: 662 History of the Arts
Ladybird:: 663 Our Land Ladybird:: 678 Basic Arithmatic Ladybird:: 682 Dogs & Horses
Ladybird:: 691 Animals of the World Ladybird:: 702 Learning with Mother & Rhymes Ladybird:: 704 Picture Books
Ladybird:: 706 Guides & Scouts Ladybird:: 727 Conservation Ladybird:: 735 Talkabout
Ladybird:: 737 Leaders Ladybird:: 740 Fiction Ladybird:: 747 Sunstart
Ladybird:: 777 Read it Yourself Ladybird:: 793 Garden Gang Ladybird:: 814 Fun Guys, Major Tom & Sport Billy
Ladybird:: 815 Storyboard Ladybird:: 816 Famous People Ladybird:: 819 Health & Safety
Ladybird:: 822 People Who Help Us Ladybird:: 823 Science Fiction Ladybird:: 824 Cookery
Ladybird:: 831 Poetry Ladybird:: 840 Masters of the Universe Ladybird:: 848 Thomas The Tank Engine
Ladybird:: 853 Transformers Ladybird:: 854 Adventure Games Ladybird:: 855 Puddle Lane
Ladybird:: 861 Dicovering Ladybird:: 861 Discovering Places Ladybird:: 865 Glo Friends
Ladybird:: 867 Bedtime Stories Ladybird:: 8710 Action Force Ladybird:: 872 Mystery and Adventure
Ladybird:: 877 Edward and Friends Ladybird:: Topsy & Tim Learning to Read Books
Learning to Read Books:: Beacon Readers Learning to Read Books:: Griffin and Dragon Series Learning to Read Books:: Key Words
Learning to Read Books:: Nippers Learning to Read Books:: Oxford Reading Tree Learning to Read Books:: Puddle Lane
Learning to Read Books:: Story Chest Learning to Read Books:: The Ronald Ridout Scheme Learning to Read Books:: Wide Range Readers
Learning to Read Books::Janet and John Mystery, Crime & Adventure Mystery, Crime & Adventure:: Arthur Ransome
Mystery, Crime & Adventure:: Biggles Mystery, Crime & Adventure:: Choose Mystery, Crime & Adventure:: Malcolm Saville
Mystery, Crime & Adventure:: Nancy Drew Mystery, Crime & Adventure:: The 3 Investigators Mystery, Crime & Adventure:: The Hardy Boys
Non Fiction:: History Non Fiction Non Fiction:: Art & Craft
Non Fiction:: Cookery & Food Non Fiction:: Dance Non Fiction:: Dictionaries & Alphabets
Non Fiction:: English Text Books Non Fiction:: Geography Non Fiction:: History
Non Fiction:: Hobbies & Pastimes Non Fiction:: Languages Non Fiction:: Look Up
Non Fiction:: Magic Non Fiction:: Music Non Fiction:: Nature
Non Fiction:: Numbers & Maths Non Fiction:: Science Non Fiction:: Sport
Non Fiction:: Transport & Machines Picture Book Picture Books
Picture Books:: Beatrix Potter Picture Books:: Dean Little Poppet Picture Books:: Little Grey Rabbit
Picture Books:: Margaret Tempest Picture Books:: Medici Picture Books:: Nister
Picture Books:: Roger Hargreaves and the Mr Men Picture Books:: Topsy and Tim Plenty of Ponies
Plenty of Ponies:: Anna Sewell Plenty of Ponies:: Bonnie Bryant Plenty of Ponies:: Christine Pullein Thompson
Plenty of Ponies:: Diana Pullein Thompson Plenty of Ponies:: Jenny Oldfield Plenty of Ponies:: Josephine Pullein Thompson
Plenty of Ponies:: Judith M Berrisford Plenty of Ponies:: Lauren Brooke Plenty of Ponies:: Marguerite Henry
Plenty of Ponies:: Mary Gervaise Plenty of Ponies:: Mary O'Hara Plenty of Ponies:: Monica Dickens
Plenty of Ponies:: Monica Edwards Plenty of Ponies:: Pat Smythe Plenty of Ponies:: Patricia Leitch
Plenty of Ponies:: Ruby Ferguson Plenty of Ponies:: Walter Farley Poetry, Nursery Rhymes and Song
Poetry, Nursery Rhymes and Song:: Poem Poetry, Nursery Rhymes and Song:: Rhyme Poetry, Nursery Rhymes and Song:: Song
Pop Up Book Pop up Books Pop up Books:: Lift the Flap Book
Pre School Books Printed Odds & Ends Printed Odds & Ends:: Maps
Religion Rupert School Novel & Stories:: Just William
School Novels & Stories School Novels & Stories:: Angela Brazil School Novels & Stories:: Billy Bunter
School Novels & Stories:: E J Oxenham School Novels & Stories:: Elinor M Brent Dyer School Novels & Stories:: Jennings
School Novels & Stories:: Just William Sci Fi & Fantasy Science Fiction and Fantasy
Sporting Novels & Stories Story Books Story Books:: Vintage Story Books
Teens & Pre Teens Books Thomas the Tank Engine & Rev. W Awdry Toy Stories
TV Radio and Film TV Radio and Film:: Walt Disney TV, Radio and Film:: Jackanory
Western Winnie the Pooh A A Milne Witches, Wizards & Magic
Young Readers Young Readers:: Antelope Young Readers:: Banana Books
Young Readers:: Gazelle Young Readers:: I Can Read Young Readers:: Puffin
Young Readers:: Reindeer

Bookstore Terms

Gillian James. Blackberry Cottage, Burton Joyce, Nottingham, NG14 5ED. gillianjamesbooks@gmx.co.uk, 0115 9312677. I am fair with my book descriptions. I assess each book as if I was going to buy it for my own personal collection and note down any faults accordingly. I try to offer exceptional customer service; enquiries and orders are all dealt with as promptly as possible. Books are wrapped with great care.

Shipping Terms:

I am reasonable with my basic postage and packing rates. Overseas customers please note I do send books by airmail if it is economically viable to do so for the surface postage rate.