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Left Coast Books

5877 Hollister Avenue
Goleta, CA, U.S.A.


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About Left Coast Books

Established in Santa Barbara, California, in 2004, Left Coast Books (www.leftcoastbooks.us) is a general-interest bookstore and art gallery that specializes in ART BOOKS, offering thousands of titles on painting, sculpture, graphic arts, architecture, design, photography, film, video, and performance art. We also sell classics, literature, history, and a broad variety of useful academic books. Our OPEN SHOP is located at 5877 Hollister Avenue, in Goleta, near Santa Barbara. Internet orders are processed and shipped on a daily basis. ________________________________________________________________________________ FLAT $3.95 shipping for an UNLIMITED number of books. (Offer available in the U.S. only). PAYPAL is our PREFERRED METHOD OF PAYMENT FOR ONLINE PURCHASES. ________________________________________________________________________________ Please note that the CATALOGS below do not display in their entirety. To browse our catalogs properly, please visit our website (link provided to your left). Thank you for shopping at an independent bookstore.

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Aesthetics African::Egyptian Art African::Modern & Contemporary Art
African::Traditional Arts American::1. Native American American::2. Colonial, c. 1600 1775
American::3. Neo Classical & Romantic American::4. Late 19th Century American::5. Modern, 1900 1945
American::6. Late Modern, 1945 1999 American::7. Contemporary, 2000 American::African American
American::Asian American American::Latin American American::States::Alabama
American::States::Alaska American::States::Arizona American::States::Arkansas
American::States::California American::States::Colorado American::States::Connecticut
American::States::Delaware American::States::Florida American::States::Georgia
American::States::Hawaii American::States::Idaho American::States::Illinois
American::States::Indiana American::States::Iowa American::States::Kansas
American::States::Kentucky American::States::Louisiana American::States::Maine
American::States::Maryland American::States::Massachusetts American::States::Michigan
American::States::Minnesota American::States::Mississippi American::States::Missouri
American::States::Montana American::States::Nebraska American::States::Nevada
American::States::New Hampshire American::States::New Jersey American::States::New Mexico
American::States::New York American::States::North Carolina American::States::North Dakota
American::States::Ohio American::States::Oklahoma American::States::Oregon
American::States::Pennsylvania American::States::Rhode Island American::States::South Carolina
American::States::South Dakota American::States::Tennessee American::States::Texas
American::States::Utah American::States::Vermont American::States::Virginia
American::States::Washington American::States::Wisconsin American::States::Wyoming
Antiques Archaeology Architecture::Castles
Architecture::Commercial & Industrial Architecture::Criticism Architecture::Decoration & Ornament
Architecture::Design & Drafting Architecture::Domestic Architecture::Feng Shui
Architecture::General Architecture::Historic Preservation Architecture::History
Architecture::Individual Architect Architecture::Interior Design Architecture::Landscape Design & Gardening
Architecture::Methods & Materials Architecture::Palaces & Stately Homes Architecture::Religious Buildings
Architecture::Skyscrapers Architecture::Study & Teaching Architecture::Urbanism, Cities & City Planning
Art Instruction Art Market Arts Admin.
Asian::All Asian::Central Asian Asian::Chinese
Asian::Indian & South Asian Asian::Japanese Asian::Korean
Asian::South East Asian Canadian Caribbean
Conservation Design::Advertising Design::Fashion & Costume
Design::Furniture Design::Graphic Design::Industrial
European::1. Prehistoric European::2. Classical::Etruscan European::2. Classical::Greek
European::2. Classical::Hellenistic European::2. Classical::Roman European::3. Medieval::All
European::3. Medieval::Byzantine European::3. Medieval::Celtic European::3. Medieval::Early Christian
European::3. Medieval::Gothic European::3. Medieval::Romanesque European::3. Medieval::Viking
European::4. Renaissance European::5. Baroque & Rococo European::6. Neo Classical & Romantic
European::7. Late 19th Century European::8. Modern, 1900 1945 European::9. Contemporary
European::British & Irish European::Dutch & Flemish European::French
European::German, Austrian & Swiss European::Greek European::Italian
European::Spanish & Portuguese Film, TV, & Video::Film::Directors Film, TV, & Video::Film::Genre::Animation
Film, TV, & Video::Film::Genre::Avant Garde Film, TV, & Video::Film::Genre::Comedy Film, TV, & Video::Film::Genre::Documentary
Film, TV, & Video::Film::Genre::Drama & Noir Film, TV, & Video::Film::Genre::Epic & Historical Film, TV, & Video::Film::Genre::Horror
Film, TV, & Video::Film::Genre::Musical Film, TV, & Video::Film::Genre::Porn Film, TV, & Video::Film::Genre::Sci Fi
Film, TV, & Video::Film::Genre::War Film, TV, & Video::Film::Genre::Western Film, TV, & Video::Film::History & Criticism
Film, TV, & Video::Film::Language::English Film, TV, & Video::Film::Language::French Film, TV, & Video::Film::Language::German
Film, TV, & Video::Film::Language::Italian Film, TV, & Video::Film::Language::Other Film, TV, & Video::Film::Language::Russian
Film, TV, & Video::Film::Language::Spanish Film, TV, & Video::Film::Performers Film, TV, & Video::Film::Producers & Industry
Film, TV, & Video::Film::Production & Techniques Film, TV, & Video::TV::History & Criticism Film, TV, & Video::Video::Directors
Film, TV, & Video::Video::History & Criticism Film, TV, & Video::Video::Production & Techniques Genre & Subject::Animals
Genre & Subject::Botanical Genre & Subject::Caricature & Cartoons Genre & Subject::Children
Genre & Subject::Cityscapes Genre & Subject::Commerce & Industry Genre & Subject::Death & Disaster
Genre & Subject::Erotic Genre & Subject::Fantasy & Illustration Genre & Subject::Figure & Nudes
Genre & Subject::Funerary Genre & Subject::Gay & Lesbian Genre & Subject::Genre (Everyday Life)
Genre & Subject::History & Myth Genre & Subject::Landscape Genre & Subject::Maps & Atlases
Genre & Subject::Marines, Seascapes Genre & Subject::Military Genre & Subject::Music
Genre & Subject::Orientalism Genre & Subject::Portraiture Genre & Subject::Religious::Buddhist
Genre & Subject::Religious::Christian Genre & Subject::Religious::Hindu Genre & Subject::Religious::Islamic
Genre & Subject::Religious::Judaica Genre & Subject::Sporting Genre & Subject::Still Life
Genre & Subject::Trades & Professions Genre & Subject::Transportation Illustrated Books
Latin American::Central American, Caribbean Latin American::Mexican Latin American::South American
Media::Arms & Armor Media::Assemblage Media::Calligraphy
Media::Ceramics Media::Coins & Medals Media::Collage
Media::Drawing Media::Fabrics & Textiles Media::Frescoes & Murals
Media::Glass Media::Ivory & Bone Media::Jewels & Jewelry
Media::Lacquer Media::Manuscripts, Illuminations, Books Media::Metalwork
Media::Mosaics Media::Painting Media::Paper
Media::Pastel Media::Plastics & Synthetics Media::Posters
Media::Printmaking Media::Rock Art & Petroglyphs Media::Sculpture
Media::Stonework Media::Watercolour Media::Woodwork
Middle Eastern::Ancient Near Eastern Middle Eastern::Arabic & Persian Middle Eastern::Israeli
Movements::Abject Art Movements::Abstract Expressionism Movements::Abstraction
Movements::Art Brut Movements::Art Deco Movements::Art Informel
Movements::Art Nouveau Movements::Arte Povera Movements::Bauhaus
Movements::Body Art Movements::CoBrA Movements::Color Field Painting
Movements::Conceptual Art Movements::Constructivism Movements::Cubism
Movements::Dada Movements::De Stijl Movements::Digital Arts
Movements::Earthworks Movements::Expressionism Movements::Fauvism
Movements::Feminist Art Movements::Fluxus Movements::Futurism
Movements::Graffiti Movements::Impressionism Movements::Installation Art
Movements::Kinetic Movements::Light Art Movements::Minimalism & Post Minimalism
Movements::Neo Classicism

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Books are shipped within two business days. Each book is sold as is, according to the description provided, and should be received in the same condition. We abide by the terms of sale set forth by AbeBooks.

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We abide by the shipping terms set forth by AbeBooks. Please address all RETURNS to Left Coast Books, 5877 Hollister Avenue, Goleta, CA 93117. Thank you.