Constructing Social Psychology: Creative and Critical Processes

William J. McGuire




Cambridge Univ Pr

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William J. McGuire's research on the diverse topics of attitudes, beliefs, self, thought systems, language, history, and methodology created and shaped social psychology in enduring ways. Here, students of psychology and its history can learn about the creative and critical processes that McGuire sought to study: the magical experiments on attitude inoculation showing that small doses of a persuasive message can increase resistance to later larger doses; the construction of self in terms of its distinctive and atypical features: the content, structure, and processing of thought system functioning by balancing logical consistency, realistic coping, and hedonic gratification: persuasion by Socratic questioning that selectively directs attention; and the process of doing research as an exciting and infinitely rewarding activity.

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Other editions: Hardcover - 1999

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