English Country Traditions

Ian Niall




David R Godine Pub

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The demanding (and very English) art of wood engraving was invented in the late eighteenth century by the master of Newcastle, Thomas Bewick. As an artist, Bewick was frustrated by his inability to represent his drawings precisely. But he discovered that by incising his designs with a burin in the end grain of the wood instead of along the plank, he was able to achieve delicacy and precision. After a century of use as a purely mechanical process for reproducing drawings for book and magazine illustration, the tradition of wood engraving was revived by William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones at The Kelmscott Press....[I]n this lovely book, an engraver of the "new generation," Christopher Wormell now takes his place alongside these past masters. He has chosen the nearly forgotten crafts of the English countryside as his subject, and his work here not only reflects his affection for these trades and pastimes, but also provides a visual record of traditions now threatened with extinction.

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