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Old Tampa Book Company, Inc.

Tampa, FL, U.S.A.

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Old Tampa Book Company, Inc.

507 N Tampa
Tampa, FL, U.S.A.


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About Old Tampa Book Company, Inc.

A rare and used bookstore located in the heart of downtown Tampa, this bookstore's collection has been evolving for over 18 years. Old Tampa Book Company carries books of every topic, ranging from history and religion, to art and poetry.

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2 Blue tubs upstairs 3rd Bookshelf Right of Desk Abraham Lincoln
Addiction Adventure Aeronautics
Aeronautics Military Aeronautics Pioneers Aeronautics Pionners Early
Aeronautics/Space Africa African American
Aging Agriculture Air Force
Airplanes Alabama Alaska
Alcholic Beverages Alcoholic beverages Amazon
American History American History/women American Politics
American Revolution American West Amsterdam
Ancient & World History Ancient & world History Ancient Hist
Ancient History Ancient history Ancient/World History
Animal Behavior Animals Antarctic
Anthogies Anthologies Anthology
Anthropology Anthropology/Archaeology Antigues
Antique Antiques Antiques & Collectibles
Antiques & collecting Antiques & Collections Antiques and collectibles
Antiques and Collecting Antiques and collecting Arab World
Arabia Arabic Archaeology
Archeology Architecture Architecture & Design
Architecture Italian Arctic Arizona
Arkansas Army Art
Art & Craft Art & Crafts Art & Culture
Art general Art History Art, crafts
Art Art French Art French Painters
Art Graphic Design Art Italian Art Mexico
Art top left bookshelf Art top left shelf Art Typesetting
Artic Arts Arts & Crafts
Arts & crafts Arts and Crafts Arts and crafts
Asia Asia (other) Asia China
Asian Fiction Astrology astrology
Astrology & Occult Astrology(bottom shelf) Astrology/Occult
Astronomy Atlas Australia
Authors Auto Auto Racing
Auto Classic Cars Auto Racing Autobiography
Automobile Automobile racing Automobile Foreign
Automobiles Automoile Automotive
Automotive (2 Wheels) Aviation Aztec
Back Room Boxed Baking Baking Dutch
Baseball Basketball Bathroom topshelf
Behind Desk Behind Front Desk Beverages
Bibliography Biographies Biography
Birds Boating Boats
Books About Books Botany Boxing
Brazil Britain Bullfighting
Business Business Finance C/UT
California Camping Canada
Cancer Card games Cards
Carolina Cars Cart
Central America Checkers Chess
Child Rearing Children Children's
Children's YA Children's YA Children YA
Childrens childrens Childrens German
China Cigars Circus
Civil War Classic Classics
Colelctible Business Coll Architecture Coll Foreign History
Coll Foreign History Coll Sci & Nature Coll Ships behind counter
Coll Technical Coll. fashion Coll. fiction side case
Coll. Literary Criticism Collectbles Art Collectbles Rare Fiction
Collectbles Top Shelf Collectibel Science Collectibes Foreign History
Collectibes Poetry Collectible Collectible Aeronautics
Collectible American Hist Collectible Antique Collectible Arch.
Collectible Archaeology Collectible Architect Collectible Architecture
Collectible Architecture. Collectible Art Collectible art
Collectible Art & Crafts Collectible Arts & Crafts Collectible Automotive
Collectible behind Counter Collectible Behind Desk Collectible Bookcase
Collectible Business Collectible Children Collectible Childrens
Collectible Classics Collectible Cook Book Collectible Cook Books
Collectible Cookbook Collectible Cookbooks Collectible Essays
Collectible Fashion Collectible Fiction Collectible fiction
Collectible Film Collectible film Collectible Firearms
Collectible Florida Collectible florida Collectible Florida History
Collectible Foreign Collectible foreign Collectible Foreign History
Collectible Foreign history Collectible foreign History Collectible foreign history
Collectible Foreign Lang. Collectible Foreign Languag Collectible Foreign travel
Collectible Foriegn History Collectible French Collectible Front Case
Collectible Games Collectible Gardening Collectible Geneology
Collectible Health Collectible Illinois Collectible Italian
Collectible Law Collectible law Collectible Literary Bio
Collectible Magic Collectible Martial Arts Collectible Math
Collectible Medical Collectible medical Collectible Military
Collectible Music Collectible Nature Collectible Occult
Collectible occult Collectible Occult Sciences Collectible Philosophy
Collectible Photography Collectible photography Collectible place and trave
Collectible Plays

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David & Ellen Brown, owners
Federal Tax Employer Identification Number: 59-3282834
Florida Certificate Number: 39-8012021602-6
Contact: David E. Brown
The Old Tampa Book Company, Inc.
507 North Tampa Street
Tampa, Florida 33602-4805

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