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Owen Box Disposals (OBD)

Cumbria, GB, United Kingdom

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Owen Box Disposals (OBD)

Cumbria, GB, United Kingdom


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About Owen Box Disposals (OBD)

PRIVATE LIBRARY SALES: the on-line gradual disposal of purely personal possessions; specifically books acquired over a lifetime purely for my own enjoyment rather than as stock in trade. As a merely part-time and strictly non-professional, non-trading seller this retired private individual, for reasons of age, infirmity and the need to release tied-up capital, is reluctantly disposing, on-line only, of items selected individually on the basis of interest, scarcity and condition. (I cannot usually offer repeated listings of the same title nor sets or collections.) These items are all chosen from an excessively large domestic private library accumulated for purely personal enjoyment over the years through inheritance, gift and collection. This library comprises mainly of out of print non-fiction within a variety of specialist areas, both academic and non-academic. In the furtherance of both domestic downsizing and capital release this whole library is subject to an on-going long term culling; firstly by disposal for recycling, secondly by charity donation and, finally, by selective on-line sale. Currently the major part of this private library still remains in reserve pending eventual disposal. DISCLAIMER: Neither in the past nor currently have books been purposely acquired in order to sell; I have no web site of my own and do not patronise auctions, book fairs, or car boot sales etc; I do not advertise off-line or sell books from any source other than my own personal library. As an individual distance seller, listing on AbeBooks though without trading there, I am merely selectively selling off some personal possessions, specifically books. I am not a book dealer so am not in the book trade; proceeds from the sale of mere personal possessions, as against those from trade sales, cannot yield any trading profit. Rather, I am merely a non-trading private seller; an elderly, part-time, non-commercial seller who, of necessity, is running down their own now far too extensive private library. Therefore offers from the public or trade of books for me to purchase are neither solicited nor accepted. As an amateur, private seller I am not in any trade association and regret that trade discounts are unavailable. I am unable to accept personal enquiries except via AbeBooks and cannot myself accept either direct orders or direct payments by credit/debit card or PayPal. PLEASE NOTE: Firstly 'New', as a condition grading here, does not imply any particular provenance. Thus a proportion of this seller's books, including some donated former bookshop stock, are graded 'New' and listed as such solely on the basis of actual physical condition at sale, regardless of provenance, e.g. whether or not previously owned; i.e. they are brand new, unused, unread, perfect, pristine as published and therefore listed, provenance-neutral, as 'New'. (Mere change in ownership does not of itself imply any deterioration in physical condition; previously owned books are not necessarily regarded here as "used" since they may, exceptionally, still remain unused, i.e. pristine, and therefore 'New' despite having been already retailed. Other, 'As New', listings are seemingly perfect but may actually have some slight imperfection. Such New and As New items are listed preferentially.) Secondly, no part of this diminishing library, including that small part subject to on-going listing for sale, will have ever been originally acquired by me from any publisher, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, dealer or even private individual with the then intention of selling later, whether on or off-line.

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Books listed on AbeBooks sold via AbeBooks e-commerce intermediary card processing (and there ONLY by Visa /Master card.) PLEASE NOTE: This seller's minority of 'New' books are condition-graded as such solely on the basis of actual physical condition at sale, regardless of provenance, e.g. whether or not previously owned; i.e. they are unused, perfect, pristine as published and therefore listed 'New'; mere change in ownership need not in itself imply any change in physical condition; previously ... [More Information]

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Owen Box Disposals aims to PROCESS and DISPATCH all orders ASAP. Orders PROCESSED 7 days a week but DISPATCH mailing days Monday to Friday only; Saturday not guaranteed and only exceptionally, eg for priority service. All STANDARD orders PROCESSED as soon as possible and within FOUR days at the very latest. All PRIORITY orders normally processed on the same day or else the next day at the latest. ALL orders will normally be DISPATCHED as soon as possible thereafter and always within at least TWO mailing days (i.e. Mon - Fri; but only within 4 days if over a weekend) after processing. PRIORITY service guarantees that any order is dispatched the same or the next available