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Vera Enterprises LLC /VeraBook

Clarksburg, NJ, U.S.A.


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Adventure Advertising Aeronautics
Aeroplane Africa Agriculture
Air Corp Air Force Aircraft
Airplane Alchemy American
American Civil War American Civil War 1861 65 American History
American Revolution Anatomy Animals
Animation Anthropology Antiques
Archaeology Archeology Architecture
Armored Vehicles Army Art
Art Nouveau Artist Arts and Crafts
ASEs Asia Asia Minor
Astrology Author Autobiography
Automobile Aviation Ballads
Banking Barbara Baseball
Basketball Bible Bicycle
Biography Black Boats and Boat Building
Boer War Books and Manuscripts Boxing
Canada Cars Cartography
Catholic Chess Children's Books
China Chinese Cinema
Circus Civil Civil War
Civilian Coast Guard Codes and Ciphers
coins Cold War Collections
Collectors and Collecting Comic Confederate
Confederate States of America. Cruise Books Crusades
Cryptography Cullinary Decorations and Medals
Description and Travel Design Detective and Mystery Stories
Dictionary and Encyclopedia Discovery and Exploration Dog
Dolls Dressage East
Economics Economy Edged Weapons
Education Egypt Electronics
Engineering English Entertainment
Equestrian Espionage Europe
Exploration Fables Fairy Tales
Falklands War Fantasy Fashion
Fiction Field Manual Film and Related
Firearms Fishing Fitness
Folk tales Folklore Football
Forensics France Frontier and Pioneer Life
Gardening and Gardens Genealogy Geography
Germany Gold Rush Golf
Government Graphic Great Britain
Guerilla Warfare Guerrilla Gulf War
Helicopter Historical Fiction History
Hobbies Holocaust Horology
Horses Humor Hunting
India Indian Wars Indians
Industry Instructional Books International
Iraq War Iron Israel
Jewelry Jewish Journalists and Journalism
Judaica Juvenile Karate
Korean War Language Law
Light Aircraft Literature Magic
Manuals Manufacturing Marine
Marines Martial Arts Medals and Decorations
Medical Medicine Medieval
Merchant Marine Middle East Middle East Studies
Military Military Science Model Trains
Models and Model Making Motor Vehicles Movie/Movie Tie in
Music Napoleonic Wars Natural History
Nature Navigation Navy
New Jersey New York New York State History
Non Fiction Numismatics Ordnance
Parks Personal Narratives Personal Narrrative
Philately Philosophy Photography
Pictorial Works Pioneers and Pioneer Life Play
Poetry Police Politics and Government
Post Office Preservation and Restoration Prisoner of War
Prisoners and Prisons Propaganda Psychology
Railroad Recreation Recreation and Leisure
Recreational Reference Regimental Histories
Religion Repair Revolution
Rocketry Rocks and Minerals Russia
Sailing Science Secret Service
Security Self Defense Seven Years War
Ships Short Stories Slavery
Social Life and Customs Social Sciences Sociology
South Africa South America Space
Spanish Civil War Spanish American War Special Forces
Sports Strategy Submarine
Tank Technical Manual Technology
Textbook Textiles The Arts
Theology TM's and FM's Toys

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INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ARE WELCOME. BOOKS ARE SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE. Books may be returned as per ABEBooks return statement and you have requested a Return Authorization. EXCEPTION Returns are not available for buyer changed mind. For VAT Requirements: Legal Company Name: Vera Enterprises LLC Contact: Vera Book Address: One Hooper Court, Clarksburg, NJ 08510-1215 Registered in the United States of America and the State of New Jersey No VAT number

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Shipping costs are based on books weighing less then 2 pounds, all book and sets ordered that weigh more then 2 pounds will be sent a request for additional postage. We accept all international orders and shipping prices are based on books, bubble wrapped, that will fit inside the US Post Office paperboard envelope (listed as standard mailing rate) or USPO express mailing envelope (listed as priority mailing rate) If the book will not fit we will send a request for boxed options.