Su Peso Ideal: Las Mejores Tecnicas Para Perder Peso Y Mantenerse Esbelto !Para Siempre!

Abel Delgado




Rodale Pr

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Being overweight is a significant problem in the Hispanic community. Statistics show that 40 percent of Hispanic women and 31 percent of Hispanic men are overweight. Only 9 percent of Hispanic women over 18 report exercising regularly. This combination has been linked to certain health problems among the Hispanic population, like heart disease (the leading cause of death), diabetes (Hispanics are three times more likely to suffer diabetes and its complications than non-Hispanics), and stroke, the third leading cause of death among Hispanic women. Su Peso Ideal doesn't just offer up another fad diet. This useful and timely guide presents scientifically proven facts about weight loss and good health -- along with expert advice from leading doctors, physical trainers, nutritionists, and spa chefs -- to help readers create their own personalized weight-loss programs. Readers will discover how to set a goal weight, lose the taste for fatty foods, have a "low-fat kitchen", bounce back after a binge, and avoid yo-yo dieting. Also included are healthy cooking tips and 10 tasty low-fat rescipes, such as Meatballs (made with turkey) and Shortcut Chili.

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