Your Supervised Practicum and Internship: Field Resources for Turning Theory into Action

Allen E. Ivey; Lori Russell-Chapin; Allen E. Ivey




Wadsworth Pub Co

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This comprehensive text takes students through the necessary fundamentals of field experience. It helps students understand the supervision process and their place in the agency. Vital topics such as ethics and HIPPA, multicultural issues, tape analysis, and multiple approaches to supervision are included. This text uses the Microskills approach as part of the overall field experience. The authors fully prepare students for more advanced or challenging scenarios they are likely to face as helping professionals. How, for example, do students 'manage up' to their agency supervisors as part of their growth process? And, how do they effectively supervise their peers? Taking a very practical, student-friendly, and holistic approach, this book addresses these needed skills. By reading this book, beginning students in internships and practicum will have a good sense of what actually goes on in an agency or school.

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