Andrew B. Abel; Ben S. Bernanke; Ramez Elmasri; Ben Bernanke





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The fifth edition of Macroeconomics emphasizes a core set of ideas across a variety of topics, providing a comprehensive, balanced treatment of classical and Keynesian economics. The update booklet features discussions about the most notable transitions in important macroeconomic topics and data since the publication of the Fifth Edition. This text plays upon students' natural curiosity and desire for relevance by offering a modern, applied approach to traditional topics and an in-depth look at areas of macroeconomics not covered by other texts. The flexibility gained by using this comprehensive approach gives instructors the opportunity to tailor course coverage and topic sequence. Pedagogical tools reinforce concepts, and end-of-chapter features help students to organize their learning. Accompanying exercises in the text provide a unique opportunity for students to analyze the very data that policy makers, professional economists, and government officials rely on in their day-to-day work. The Fifth Edition is enhanced by MyEconLab, the online homework system featuring automatically graded graphing problems and proven tutorial tools.

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