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Anita Diamant began her career as a freelance journalist in 1975 at various magazines and newspapers around Boston. Her features and columns stretched across many topics, including pop culture, pet ownership and Jewish practices & community. Her first book was The New Jewish Wedding, and was followed by 5 more books about Jewish life and events.

Her first work of fiction, The Red Tent, was published in 1997. In 2001 it was awarded by the Independent Booksellers Alliance as "Booksense Best Fiction". She now lives in the Boston area with her husband.


Day After Night

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A tale inspired by the post-Holocaust experience is set in an immigrant holding camp in 1945 Israel, where a Polish Zionist, a Parisian beauty, a war-weary Dutchwoman, and an Auschwitz survivor find healing and salvation in the bonds of friendship that are forged while recounting their losses. By a best-selling author.

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