Oil Change: Perspectives on Corporate Transformation

Art Kleiner; Ann Thomas; George Roth; Toni Gregory; Edward Hamell




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Oil Change: Perspectives on Corporate Transformation is the second book in the new Oxford series, The Learning History Library. It is the story of major corporate change undertaken by Oil Co, a pseudonym for a major international oil company, just after a time of layoffs and cutbacks. Key people within the company tell this story, using a technique developed at MIT's Center for Organizational Learning. One hundred and fifty employees were interviewed at all levels of the company, from hourly workers to the Executive Council. They worked in all primary Oil Co businesses: exploration and production; refining and retail, and chemical and oil consulting. During this time all the firm's values came into question, including its business practices, corporate governance structure, team management, and leadership style. Oil Change: Perspectives on Corporate Transformation gives readers an inside look at what Oil Co learned collectively as a company. It also shows what employees learned individually as they dealt with a changing environment.

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