When I'm Afraid

Barbara Gardiner; Jane Aaron




Golden Books

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When children feel anger or fear, they need to know that these emotions are a normal part of life that everyone experiences and -- more important -- learns to deal with. When I'm Angry and When I'm Afraid explain these difficult subjects in a completely original and practical way. Jane Aaron's boldly illustrated, inviting children's books feature simple language and vivid images that children enthusiastically relate to. A question-and-answer guide accompanies each book to help parents simplify these complex feelings. Because it is often difficult to talk to children about such abstract concepts, Dr. Barbara Gardiner pinpoints the parents' role in their child's emotions and shows how to conduct an age-appropriate, meaningful dialogue. Through specific examples and suggestions, she stresses the ABCs of effective parenting: acknowledging a child's feelings, having firm behavior expectations, and demonstrating consistency. No other children's books about emotions are presented in such an instructive and creative package and can involve parents so actively in the emotional development of their children.

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Other editions: Hardcover - 1998, Hardcover - 1998, Hardcover - 1998

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