Berenice Abbott: Changing New York

Berenice Abbott; Bonnie Yochelson




New Pr

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Berenice Abbott (1898-1991) is one of this century's leading photographers. Her New York City images, especially the Changing New York project of 1935-39, have come to define Depression-era New York. In a landmark event, The New Press is publishing the definitive study of Abbott's WPA project. The book features over 300 duotones, more than 200 of which have never before been published together. Arranged geographically in eight sections, Berenice Abbott: Changing New York traces the photographer's New York City odyssey. The 307 duotone plates are accompanied by 113 variant images, line drawings, and period maps, as well as an explanatory text, which explores Abbott's compositional choices, her artistic and historical preoccupations, as well as the history of New York.

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Other editions: 1994, Softcover - 1990, Softcover - 1989, Softcover - 1989, Softcover - 1982, Softcover - 1980, Hardcover - 1980, 1979, 1979, Softcover - 1973

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