Connections: A Guide to On-Line Writing

Bill Paredes-Holt; Daniel Anderson; Bret Benjamin




Allyn & Bacon

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-- Examine the Internet as a set of resources for writers to make use of, participate in, and audiences to engage. -- Topics include: defining an argument, considering purpose, on-line researching and writing, discussion lists and newsgroups design principles, and more. -- Includes MLA-style guidelines for citing Internet documents. There are hundreds of thousands of websites available. More and more people are learning to "post" their writing on the Web and Internet -- some of it is well-written, while much of it is not. Internet communication and "netiquette" is increasingly more important in establishing a credible website. This book will address the proper writing technique for Internet writing. This comprehensive, flexible, and accessible Internet writing guide explores Internet communication with the aim that readers will become better writers in both print-based and electronic formats.

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Other editions: Hardcover - 1999, Softcover - 1997, Softcover - 1997

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