The American Journey: A History Of The United States Teaching And Learning Classroom Edition Combined Volume

Carl Abbott; Robert Weir; William L. Barney; Peter H. Argersinger; Robert M. Weir; Jo Ann E. Argersinger; Virginia Dejohn Anderson




Prentice Hall

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Written in a clear, engaging style with a straightforward chronological organization, The American Journey introduces readers to the key features of American political, social, and economic history. This new edition focuses more closely on the theme of the American journey, showing that our attempt to live up to and with our ideals is an ongoing process that has become ever more inclusive of different groups and ideas. Covering the period of Reconstruction after the Civil War to the present, and including the events of 9/11/2001, prominent coverage is given to politics, religion and the Great Wars. Hundreds of maps, graphs, and illustrations help readers absorb history and bring it to life. For those interested in a comprehensive study of post-Civil War U.S. history that is presented in a flowing, lively narrative.

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