Designing Qualitative Research

Catherine Marshall; Gretchen B. Rossman




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The complexities and conundrums that are a part of the qualitative research enterprise demand a solid, well-planned research design. In this new edition of their best-seller, Catherine Marshall and Gretchen B. Rossman continue to provide clear and direct guidance for writing successful proposals that fit into the framework of qualitative research. With expanded coverage of ethics, analysis processes, and approaches, Designing Qualitative Research, Fourth Edition is full of updated vignettes that illustrate the methodological challenges that face today's qualitative researcher. This edition also includes discussions about distance-based research (such as e-mail interviews and online discussion groups), the implications of postmodern turns, integrating archival material in qualitative research, and creative ways of presenting the research. This text continues to be an invaluable resource to teachers and students of research methods across disciplines and is a must for the library of those using qualitative approaches.  

Key Features: 
  • Addresses recent thinking on "the researcher in the research setting" 
  • Takes the current political climate into consideration and introduces readers to today's research environment
  •  Includes updated references and Further Reading sections 
  • Features a post script at the end of each chapter that consists of a dialogue between a student and an advisor and which illustrates design dilemmas in real time  Walks readers through the crafting of a research project from start to finish in a step-by-step fashion

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