Freedom from Tyranny of the Urgent

Charles E. Hummel




Intervarsity Pr

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-- Expanded from bestselling IVP booklet Tyranny of the Urgent. -- Biblical teaching on time stewardship with insights from time management experts. -- Personal illustrations on how to handle time crunch and practical tips on living wisely. Is The Clock A Slavemaster That Has You In Its Bondage -- or a tool that serves you? Does the quantity of things you have to do squeeze out the quality of your life? Are the urgent things so pressing that you don't have "inner time" to sort out what's really important? Gathered here are the time-tested principles you need from the biblical teaching on time, from today's experts and from the author's own lifetime of efforts to help others use time wisely. He offers advice not merely in managing your time, but in managing your life. Charles Hummel's classic booklet Tyranny of the Urgent has sold over one million copies. Now for the first time the author expands on the life-changing perspective that has transformed the lives of thousands struggling to keep from being swept away by the rush of life. If you have too much to do and not enough time to do it, this book is for you.

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Other editions: Softcover - 2000, Softcover - 1999, Softcover - 1999, Softcover - 1994, Softcover - 1994, Softcover - 1991, 1978

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