Drawing, a Contemporary Approach: A Contemporary Approach

Claudia Betti; Teel Sale; C. Betti




Wadsworth Pub Co

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Going beyond conventional approaches, this drawing text featuring a wealth of professional examples emphasizes the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual significance of art. The development of today's art from that of the past is traced, giving a sense of meaning and continuity. Illustrations and analyses enable students to turn their energies to new and different directions, to give material form to their own ideas. Art of the last two decades is given broad coverage and analysis including work from self-taught artists and from a multitude of ethnic groups. All chapters have new introductory texts, innovative problems pertinent to our contemporary world, sketchbook projects, and new illustrations. New color plates and an expanded discussion of spatial relationships enhance Part II.

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Other editions: Softcover - 2007, Softcover - 2003, Softcover - 2003, Softcover - 1991, 1986, 1980

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