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Neither Poverty Nor Riches: A Biblical Theology of Material Possessions

Craig L. Blomberg




Eerdmans Pub Co

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Few contemporary Christian concerns are as difficult to unravel, or so weighted with ethical implications, as the relation of wealth to faith. This helpful exploration of the subject by Craig Blomberg illuminates the Bible's teaching on wealth and possessions and shows how it applies to Christians today. By surveying the whole of Scripture, Blomberg is able to trace the development of the biblical teaching on the place of wealth in the value system of God's people. While the Old Testament pictures a clear relationship between faithfulness and "material blessing, " Blomberg shows that this theme does not carry over into the New Testament, where important new concerns are raised. Informed by a wide range of theological, ethnic, and economic perspectives, Blomberg's work provides valuable insight into the biblical text and points the way to a fruitful theology of wealth relevant to contemporary life.

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