Studying Society: The Essentials

Dave King; Karen Evans





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Studying Society is an introductory undergraduate level textbook which helps students to develop study skills as well as an understanding of the principles of social research and how these principles link to social theory.

Studying Society guides students in learning how to:
ˇ Formulate questions
ˇ Look for answers
ˇ Understand the methods by which information is collected
ˇ Critically evaluate information sources
ˇ Communicate the results of their work to others

Studying Society encourages students to recognize that the study of society involves a systematic and considered approach to the collection and generation of knowledge, that a wide variety of sources can be utilized in this process and that each source has a unique part to play. In developing these skills, Studying Society explores the use of both traditional media, and new information and communication technologies. Throughout the book there is an emphasis on applyingthe problems and solutions presented, to "real world" issues. This involves the use of examples and exercises which are immediately relevant to the undergraduate experience, to everyday life and to the contemporary concepts which are studied by the social scientist.

This coherent and up-to-date text will be an invaluable learning tool for students of any discipline which involves the study of human beings and their societies.

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