Data Analysis With Spreadsheets

David A. Patterson; Randall E. Basham




Allyn & Bacon

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Introduce your Social Work students to data collection, statistical analysis, and graphical representation of results using spreadsheets: an inexpensive and readily available data analytic software. This text and companion CD-ROM use videos, text, and graphics to provide students clearly articulated descriptions and demonstrations of data analysis procedures that are commonly referred to in research, statistics and practice evaluation texts.

"I have nothing but praise for this book. Hurry and publish it."
Steve Marson, UNC Pembroke

"The CD-Rom is a valuable accompaniment to the text, especially for visual and auditory learners. The voices are audible and at a pace that listeners can easily follow along. The table layout where users can click on the chapter and topics they are interested in is easy to navigate. I would definitely consider adopting this text for my course."
Margaret E. Adamek, Indiana University

"The authors are correct in stating that computers with spreadsheets are widely available, and that they contain powerful functions. As such, it is helpful to have a text that can show future practitioners how to use these tools to improve their practice. The CD provides an excellent supplement to the text. Students can use the CD at their own speed, can repeat lessons as necessary and can use the CD in their agencies to analyze data."
John Goad, Arizona State University

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