Trekking in Corsica

David Abram




Trail Blazer Pubns

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A mountain range rising from the sea, Corsica holds the most arrestingly beautiful landscapes in the Mediterranean. From its cobalt blue gulfs and shell-sand beaches, hillsides of evergreen maquis give way to pristine oak, chestnut, and pine forests, awesome gorges, alpine lakes, and a spine of snow-streaked peaks and passes. Among the many trails that penetrate its remotest corners, the GR20, following the island's watershed, has won an international reputation. But travelers can also trek at lower altitudes, along ancient mule tracks between snug stone villages where the cuisine, pace of life, and atmosphere has changed little in decades. Meticulously waymarked, Corsica's long-distance routes provide superlative trekking for all levels of fitness and proficiency.This guide contains all the information travelers need to know for a hassle-free walking vacation in Corsica.

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