Machines & Mechanisms: Applied Kinematic Analysis

David H. Myszka; Merrill Prentice Hall




Prentice Hall

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Machines and Mechanisms applies graphical and analytical kinematic theories to real-world machines. The book is intended to bridge the gap between a theoretical study of kinematics and the application to practical mechanisms. This objective of providing the techniques necessary to study the motion of machines while emphasizing the application of kinematic theories to real-world machines is consistent with the philosophy of engineering and technology programs.

New to the third edition:

  • A new section dealing with kinematic modeling of complicated joints
  • Expanded definitions of kinematic properties to more precisely describe each property
  • Enhanced tables describing cam-follower motion
  • New tables of commercially available gears, sheaves, belts, and sprockets
  • Many new problems
Distinctive features of this book include:
  • Case studies at the end of every chapter to illustrate mechanisms used on industrial equipment and help students see the practical application of the material they are studying
  • A focus on the application of kinematic theories to practical mechanisms throughout the text, further illustrating the real-world application of the material presented
  • An introduction to modern tools of the trade through suggestions for implementing the graphical techniques on computer-aided design systems and suggestions for using programmable devices (calculators, spreadsheets, math software, etc.) for analytical solution procedures.

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Other editions: Hardcover - 2001, Hardcover - 1998

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