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Essays exploring personal and global healing come together in this expanded collection -- A powerful account of one women's victory over breast cancer -- This edition includes three additional essays and an afterword by the author First published in 1982, Deena Metzger's widely acclaimed, moving diary of her struggle with breast cancer is joined by three widely published essays in this new edition of Tree. The title piece describes Metzger's struggle with "the enemy within", focusing on the psychological aspects of healing that cannot be ignored if a woman -- or anyone -- seeks to prevail over disease. The volume also includes The Woman Who Slept With Men to Take the War Out of Them, a novel that describes a society destroyed by its refusal to view its conflicts in anything but absolute terms of right and wrong. Rounding out this powerful collection of writings are three additional essays: -- "Re-vamping the World: On the Return of the Holy Prostitute" explores the ancient role of the Holy Temple prostitutes who helped heal men after times of war -- "Personal Disarmament: Negotiating with the Inner Government", examines the metaphor that a woman is the nation-state of her own psyche -- "Healing the Planet/Healing Ourselves" describes how to make a diagnosis and start on a healing path by creating a "story" of an illness "Dramatic and deeply moving, crisply and effectively written". -- Los Angeles Times

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