Recalling Our Own Stories: Spiritual Renewal for Religious Caregivers

Edward P. Wimberly




Jossey-Bass Inc Pub

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Clergy and other professional religious caregivers routinely find that parishioners and clients expect from them a level of empathy and unconditional love that is literally superhuman -- that embodies God's love. Many of these caregivers expect no less of themselves. Too often, people burn out trying to meet these expectations, and sometimes they damage themselves and others in the process. In this book, Edward P. Wimberly helps religious caregivers renew themselves by making a powerful reconnection with their original call to ministry. He enables readers to reclaim and examine their own stories -- about themselves as individuals, as family members, and as ministers -- stories that have become obscured by myths about who they are supposed to be. He guides readers in "reauthoring" their life stories and beginning to transform personal wounds into sources of compassion and strength.

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