Inside MicroStation V8i

Frank Conforti




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Learn to solve real-world design problems with proficiency in this seventh edition of Inside MicroStationŽ. With a practical approach based on real work experience and design problems, readers are lead through the entire computer-aided design process. This updated edition maintains the easy-to-follow writing style that it is known for, and incorporates the features and refinements to the user interface found in the latest version of MicroStation. New methods of working within MicroStation are also introduced in this indispensable how-to and reference manual. An emphasis is placed on why mission- critical tools and functions in MicroStation V8 XM Edition work the way they do, so that readers can apply their knowledge to solve various design challenges. Its fastpaced, highly engaging examples, exercises, and illustrations are guaranteed to provide the skills needed to optimize the power of MicroStation.

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