An Introduction to Modern Business Statistics

George C. Canavos; Don Miller; Don M. Miller




South-Western Pub

Publication Date:


Using the computer to eliminate rote computation and facilitate learning, this book inspires and motivates readers to learn statistics by showing them its great practical importance in their careers. In every chapter, the authors include an ample number of examples and vignettes that illustrate and emphasize skills that enable students to interpret data effectively and to convert data into usable information. This approach enhances students' abilities to make better decisions, thus preparing them to exert greater influence in their future careers. To reinforce the idea that statistics is the linkage that transforms data into useful information, thereby enhancing planning and decision making, almost every numbered example includes introductory language that articulates the importance of the illustration in a functional area of business. The authors use Microsoft® Excel, MINITAB?, and JMP IN® statistical software to execute statistical methods--presenting computer outputs and interpretation first; then illustrating the method using statistical tables. Chapter appendices provide clear, detailed instructions on the use of Excel, MINITAB, and JMP IN.

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Other editions: Hardcover - 2008, Softcover - 1999, Hardcover - 1993, 1984, Hardcover - 1984

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