Entering the World of Work

Glencoe; Grady Kimbrell; Kimbrell; McGraw-Hill




Glencoe/McGraw-Hill School Pub Co

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Entering the World of Work is aimed at career preparation classes and may be used for a wide range of grades, from 6 to 12. It is designed for use in integrated classrooms, i.e., classrooms that combine general-education students and special-needs students. Most of these students have difficulty with reading and mathematics. Building reading skills is a primary focus of the program. Building math skills is a second focus of the program. There is no other careers book on the market with the same target audience.Key topics covered in Entering the World of Work are:

  • Career awareness and researching careers
  • Self-exploration and the selection of a preferred career
  • Making career decisions
  • Finding job openings, applying for jobs, and interviewing
  • Professional behavior on the job and in job situations
  • Independent living skills such as money management, using technology, balancing work and personal life, etc.

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