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Glenn Beck, the nationally syndicated radio and Fox News television show host, is the author of five previous #1 New York Times bestsellers: An Inconvenient Book, Glenn Beck's Common Sense, Arguing with Idiots, The Christmas Sweater and The Christmas Sweater: A Picture Book. His audio original Idiots Unplugged is available now from Simon & Schuster Audio or downloadable from Simon & Schuster Online. He is also the author of The Real America and publisher of Fusion magazine.


The Christmas Sweater

Glenn Beck




Aladdin Paperbacks

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Based on a deeply personal true story, a New York Times best-selling author and renowned radio/television host offers a poignant tale of family, faith, and forgiveness that follows Eddie from his Christmas disappointment through his journey to understanding the true meaning of love.

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Other editions: 2010, 2009, Softcover - 2009, 2009, Hardcover - 2009, Softcover - 2009, 2009, 2009, 2008, Hardcover - 2008

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