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The Houghton Mifflin College Reading Series follows a consistent sequence and structure, pairing skills and strategies with paragraphs and short selections to introduce new concepts in context. The readings represent a diverse range of sources, including textbooks and magazines. There is ample opportunity for practice with the Test Yourself sections, end-of-chapter Tests, and Combined Skills Tests.

The Houghton Mifflin College Reading Series Book 1, 2/e is the first book in a three-level series and is designed for lower-level reading courses. The readings in the Second Edition have been updated for currency and relevance to students' interest, and have been reviewed carefully to ensure grade-level appropriateness.

  • An affordable price point-each book in the series contains the same topics and content as other comparable textbooks, but for a third of the price.
  • Chapter objectives are clearly stated so students know what they will learn when the chapter is completed-encouraging students to take charge of their learning.
  • Tips and selected readings for studying and for succeeding in school are integrated throughout the text.
  • Self-assessment opportunities are featured throughout the text, including with the chapter Test Yourself sections, end-of-chapter Tests, and Combined Skills Tests.
  • Review sections have been specifically designed to help students hone their critical thinking skills.
  • An emphasis on enhanced vocabulary can be founded in every chapter
  • Definitions of difficult words and allusions in the readings appear as footnotes so that students don't have to go to outside sources to look up definitions.
  • A flexible format allows instructors to introduce skills and activities or re-order chapters as they see fit.
  • Chapter 9-"Focus on Fact, Opinion, Purpose and Tone"-has been revised and re-titled to reflect coverage of purpose and expanded information on tone.
  • Chapter 1 has been revised to include an example of active reading.

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