Assessing Students With Special Needs

James A. McLoughlin; Rena B. Lewis




Prentice Hall

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This text not only combines current coverage of formal and informal assessment to meet federal initiatives, but Assessing Students with Special Needs, Sixth Edition, takes extra steps showing how to really use assessments and their results to improve education for students with special needs.

The sixth edition prepares teachers and assessment professionals for all aspects of the assessment process-from identifying students with special needs to monitoring, accommodating, and evaluating assessment tools, based on the Assessment Question Model listed on the inside front cover of this text.

Features of the sixth edition of this accessible, comprehensive text include:

  • Up-to-date coverage of the latest laws and regulations impacting how, when, and why students are assessed
  • A thorough discussion of CEC skills and knowledge competencies related to assessment
  • Over 200 formal and informal tools, including the most commonly used assessments, emphasizing how they fit into the overall assessment process
  • Assessment in Action cases to encourage critical thinking about assessing students with special needs
  • More coverage on alternate assessments including observation, criterion-referenced testing, curriculum-based and portfolio assessment
  • How to develop collaborative partnerships when assessing students with special needs
  • A robust, text-specific website at

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