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Broodingly powerful, intensely emotional, seductively erotic, and always dramatic, this collection of truly extraordinary images, published here in book form for the first time, bears witness to the quarter-century-long career of one of our greatest photographers - Albert Watson. Though blind in one eye since birth, Albert Watson is the invisible force behind many of the most iconic images of our age and is best known for his unique and hugely successful work in advertising and fashion. This stunning debut volume succeeds in capturing both the essence and variety of Watson's style and art in every category, whether it be his fashion, portraiture, reportage, landscape, or still-life work. As a complement to Watson's photography, James Truman has written a rich and revealing text about the man behind the lens. Richard Benson, the world's foremost authority on techniques of photographic, photomechanical, and digital reproduction of find imagery, has applied his unmatched skill to create pages that are faithful to the original silver and platinum prints.

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