The Visitors/Fred and Madge: Fred and Madge Two Plays

Joe Orton; Joe Fred and Madge Orton




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THE VISITORS AND FRED & MADGE, Orton's first play, is an absurdist drama, fraught with social critique and sexual innuendo. It's the story of a married couple whose respective jobs are the Sisyphean task of rolling boulders uphill and sieving water all day long, until they discover they are inhabiting a play about themselves. THE VISITORS is a brutally realistic rendering of a dying man who is visited in the hospital by his middel-aged daughter, while the attending nurses spend more time fighting than caring for their patients. Written in 1961, it shows the beginnings of the mature voice that would come to fruition in his next projects, THE RUFFIAN ON THE STAIR AND ENTERTAINING MR. SLOANE, which made his name in London and the world.

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