Ductigami: The Art of the Tape

Joe Wilson




Boston Mills Pr

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Duct tape -- it's everywhere. At the hardware store, the grocery store, in secret agents' briefcases, at the Scouts' den, in Uncle Mert's golf bag. There are duct-tape clubs and cults. University engineering departments use it in competitions. There are dozens of websites devoted to it. Red Green calls it the handyman's secret weapon. NASA has a policy stating that every space shuttle mission must carry at least one roll of "the gray tape". The humble tape has hit the bigtime. In this wonderful, hip and downright funny book, Joe Wilson (a comedian with lots of time and tape on his hands) shows us how to make 14 amazing projects using ordinary duct tape. Projects include wallets, baseball caps, toilet roll covers, cell-phone holders, raingear for pets, and much more.

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Other editions: Hardcover - 2011, Softcover - 2011, Hardcover - 2006, Softcover - 2006, 2006, Softcover - 2006, Hardcover - 2006, 1993, Softcover - 1987, 1971

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