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Bradshaw on the Family: A Revolutionary Way of Self Discovery

John E. Bradshaw





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Eight years after the initial publication of BRADSHAW ON: THE FAMILY, John Bradshaw revisits his seminal work on the dynamics of families. The information that Bradshaw first shared with readers is still powerful today: 96 percent of all families are to some degree emotionally impaired. One generation passes the unhealthy rules many people live by down to another, & ultimately these rules seep into society. Our families are sick because we live by these inherited rules; our society is sick because our families are sick. In this updated edition, Bradshaw moves beyond these facts & again breaks new ground. Using the latest family research & recovery material, he examines the individual in both a family setting & a societal setting. He explores ways to escape the tyranny family - reinforced behavior traps, & shows readers how to make conscious choices that will transform their lives & their loved ones. They can heal their families, just as they heal themselves. Bradshaw then takes readers to the next level: by healing themselves & their families, they can heal the world in which they live. By reenvisioning societal conflicts from the perspective of a global family, readers will learn the power of deep democracy - how the choices we make every day can affect, & improve, our world.

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Other editions: 1989, Softcover - 1988

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