Strangers Among Us

L.R. Wright





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It's a misty morning on a misty beach, day like many others, when young Eliot Gardener does something unexpected. He picks up a machete and calmly strikes down his father, mother, and ten year old sister, Rosie survives, gravely injured. His parents die.What causes the teenager to go berserk? He's not talking, especially not to Staff Sergeant Karl Alberg, head of the Canadian Mountie unit in the beautiful, coastal town of Sechelt.Eliot's motives for destroying his family lie buried deep in his wounded psyche. Only when he escapes from a temporary detention center with a younger boy, Alvin, does he begin to focus on reality. The boys must find a way to eat and sleep. They must try to survive.Karl wants to help Eliot or at least understand what led to the family's tragedy. But Karl has concerns of his own, when someone from his past arrives in town. His name is Jack Coutts, and he's a man burdened with malice, with guilt, and, as his lustful landlady discovers, with a gun. Wherever Alberg and his fiancee, Cassandra Mitchell, go, Coutts is there, watching and waiting.Coutts's move to Sechelt may end Karl and Cassandra's marriage plans. To marry Cassandra would be to put her in danger. Even her friendship with Karl may make her a target for a man who has come seeking vengeance for perceived or real grievances.As Alberg acknowledges breaches of duty past and present, he is finally forced to confront a terrible secret in this stunning novel of suspense from one of contemporary crime fiction's most gifted and acclaimed writers.

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