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Larry published more than 70 books, sales of which now exceed 12 million copies and include several national best-sellers. Publications by Larry include What Ever Happened to the American Dream, The Coming Economic Earthquake, Your Finances in Changing Times and Business by the Book. Larry also wrote four novels: The Illuminati, The THOR Conspiracy, Solar Flare and Kingdom Come (with T. Davis Bunn). Larry′s final book before his death was The Burkett & Blue Definitive Guide to Securing Wealth to Last, and was written with Ron Blue and Jeremy L. White.


Nothing to Fear: The Key to Cancer Survival

Larry Burkett




Moody Pub

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A personal journey of a seven-year-battle with cancer, filled with intimate stories and wisdom from the Bible, this book is for those struggling with cancer as well as for their friends and family. Reprint.

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