Exploring the Humanities: Creativity And Culture In The West

Laurie Adams




Prentice Hall

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Introduction to the Humanities, Volume Two provides a comprehensive, color and illustration-filled compilation of the history of civilization. The book examines humanity and its art, culture, society, architecture and religion from the reformation and reform in sixteenth-century Europe through to the present day society. The volume provide extensive social and cultural background material, reinforced with fascinating information on key persons, events, ideas and inventions of the time period to provide readers with a ‘you are there' experience. Cross-Cultural Influence features highlight influences exchanged between different cultures to give readers a look at contact and artistic exchanges between cultures. Thematic Parallels sections compare universal themes over different time periods and in different places across the world, providing readers with an extensive and fascinating look at humanity through the ages. Volume Two examines the following time periods: the reformation and reform in sixteenth-century Europe; Absolutism and Baroque; from enlightenment to revolution in the 18th century; the early nineteenth century and the romantic movement; nineteenth-century realism; industry, and social change; the late nineteenth century; turn of the century to World War I; World War I through World War II; 1945 to 1989 - the cold war to détente; and after 1989. For those interested in a comprehensive view of humanities throughout the ages.

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