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What's a Smart Woman Like You Doing at Home?

Linda Burton; Janet Dittmer; Cheri Loveless




Family & Home Network

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At the forefront of a revolution in American motherhood, the second edition of WHAT'S A SMART WOMAN LIKE YOU DOING AT HOME? is an inspiring & affirming book that celebrates the challenges & triumphs of being a mother at home, & refutes stereotypes such as "supermom," "housewife" & "working mother." SMART WOMAN reveals what today's mothers are really feeling through thoughtful analyses of social trends, poignant essays & real life stories. Using quotes excerpted from many of the candid & unsolicited letters received, the authors expose the gap between what the media often says about mothers & what mothers say about themselves. The authors have included updated statistics on who today's mothers at home really are. They offer public policy recommendations for creating a society that supports all mothers. Today, the choice to be at home may well be the most controversial one woman can make. What once seemed natural now invites open criticism. SMART WOMAN affirms the importance of nurturing & mothering, & speaks to the millions of mothers who have rejected some of the popular assumptions about their own careers & instead have chosen to put their children first without putting themselves last.

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Other editions: Softcover - 1998, 1986

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