One More Time: The Best of Mike Royko

Lois Wille; Mike Royko




Univ of Chicago Pr

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Culled from 7,500 columns and spanning four decades, from his early days to his last dispatch, the writings in this collection reflect a radically changing America as seen by a man whose keen sense of justice and humor never faltered. From the Cold War to the Persian Gulf War, from Richard J. Daley to Richard M. Daley, Royko trained his eye on it all. This volume includes those columns he loved best as well as those loved by his readers: stories of his childhood as recollected by himself and his pal, "Slats" Grobnik; his modern-day Christmas parable of Mary and Joseph looking for a room in Chicago; "A Faceless Man's Plea," the tale of woe that in one day had Richard Nixon publicly reversing the Veterans Administration; his account of Frank Sinatra's threat to punch him in the eye; the hilarious column he wrote about how his feet had always disappointed him; his moving pieces on racism and his scathingly funny attacks on political correctness. Putting each decade into perspective are illuminating introductions by Lois Wille, Royko's friend and colleague at all three Chicago dailies.

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