Help Your Man Get Healthy: An Essential Guide for Every Caring Woman

Maria Kassberg Regan; Steven Jonas; Kassberg Maria Regan





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First of all, men need help. Too many men are out of shape, overweight, hooked on tobacco or alcohol, stressed out, or any combination of these conditions--and they don't like to think about it, talk about it, or do anything about it. For many, the first wake-up call comes with the first heart attack. You have the power to intercede before a crisis arises. Because his good health is your concern, and worrying and nagging won't make it happen, this book provides the positive tips, tactics, and loving techniques you need to help your man stay happy while he's getting healthy. Recognizing that a woman who wants to encourage healthy living has to walk a fine line between educating and harassing, HELP YOUR MAN GET HEALTHY will tell you how to:Motivate change with positive messagesCreate a kitchen filled with healthy temptationsMake fun and fitness a partnership gameShow him how to soothe away stressFind healthy alternatives to excessive use of alcoholConvince him that medical screenings save livesProve that good health means good sexBuild a strong relationship for better health and much more

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