Lost Recipes: Meals to Share With Friends and Family

Marion Cunningham




Alfred a Knopf Inc

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From:Marion Cunningham
To:The American home cook
Subject (URGENT):The family table

We need to lure our families, friends, and neighbors back to the table, to sit down and eat together. It is important that we be in charge again of our cooking, working with fresh, unadulterated ingredients. Enclosed you will find many simple-to-make, good-tasting, inexpensive dishes from the past that taste better than ever today. I urge you to try them.

· Good soups—satisfying one-dish meals that can be made ahead
· Dishes that can be made with what’s on hand—First-Prize Onion Casserole, Shepherd’s Pie, Salmon or Tuna Loaf
· Vegetables baked and ready for the table
· Real salads, substantial enough for lunch or supper, with snappy dressings
· Breads and cookies, puddings and cakes that you loved as a child

PS: There is nothing like the satisfaction of sharing with others something you have cooked yourself

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