The Good News About Depression: Cures and Treatments in the New Age of Psychiatry

Mark S. Gold




Bantam Dell Pub Group

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Ten years ago pioneering biopsychiatrist Mark S. Gold, M.D. wrote a visionary guide to the effective new medical therapies emerging for the treatment of depression. Now, in this newly revised edition of his classic book, Dr. Gold does it again. The new Good News reveals how, in just a decade, sophisticated new research and drug therapies have revolutionized the care of all types of depression.This essential resource includes:-New treatments for depression and manic depression for 1995 and on the horizon for approval-New diagnostic guidelines for different types of depression,including crucial tests many physicians omit-The most common illnesses that mimic depression -New tools to treat depression, such as light therapy and hormone therapy -An all-new chapter on Prozac and other state-of-the-art medications -New information on depression in women, children, and seniors -Vital new approaches to relapse prevention. Plus a complete guide to self-help, and indepth advice on getting and evaluating the proper treatment.

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