Return On Customer: Creating Maximum Value From Your Scarcest Resource

Martha Rogers; Don Peppers





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Virtually everyone agrees that a company's most important asset is the value of its customer base. Yet the value of this vital asset is routinely ignored in managers' day-to-day, quarter-by-quarter planning. RETURN ON CUSTOMER is the first book to focus on assessing and tracking customer equity, the lifetime value of a firm's current and future customers, and taking specific actions in every facet of the company to increase that equity.

First, Peppers and Rogers reveal the critical importance of measuring customers' long-term profitability, productivity, and loyalty. In a powerful blend of theory and practice, the authors use their years of consulting expertise with many of the world's leading companies to identify the specific products, add-ons, and services that will best increase the size and value of their customer base. They look at popular marketing techniques--such as the relentless use of telemarketing--and weigh their effectiveness in maximizing, or hindering, return on customer. Finally, they guide managers through the specific strategies that will help to conserve and replenish customer value, from marketing and sales to research and development, distribution, technology investment, and more.

As revolutionary as Peppers and Rogers' pioneering bestseller The One to One Future, RETURN ON CUSTOMER offers a dramatic new way to make customer retention and value part of a company's core competitive advantage.

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