Good News in Exile: Three Pastors Offer a Hopeful Vision for the Church

Martin B. Copenhaver; William H. Willimon; Anthony B. Robinson




Eerdmans Pub Co

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With the recognition of the sweeping changes now taking place in North American society comes the realization that Protestant mainline churches no longer enjoy the privileged status they once did. In this forward-looking contribution to pastoral theology, three leading ministers discuss the state of church life today, explore the particular opportunities that our new world offers the church, and provide a clear picture of what a new, "postliberal" church can look like in practice. Speaking directly to pastors and church leaders who find the liberal/conservative polarity tired and unhelpful, the authors interact with the theoretical work of George Lindbeck, Stanley Hauerwas, and others as they trace strategies for a new way to do church. The three authors each also provide an autobiographical sketch discussing how their years of diverse church experiences have led to their fruitful new perspectives.

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Other editions: Softcover - 2009, Softcover - 2003, Softcover - 2002, Softcover - 1994, Softcover - 1989

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